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We Respect The Power Of Money By
Investing To Create Freedom

At Cultiv8 Collective we help passive investors create financial freedom and expand their wealth through recession resistant investments. We believe our investments should perform well during good economic times and even better during down economic times.

We pay attention to numbers, financials, deal specifics, the macroeconomic landscape (present and future), and our position in relation to it. We pin-point where we can take prudent and thoroughly calculated risks, where our leadership team bravely invests personal capital, testing the waters and confirming alignment with our criteria, assumptions and projections with verifiable results.

We believe this is the best way to protect our investors by setting the boundaries, taking action and risks up front, and thereafter opening proof-tested investments to our Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle. Our Inner Circle members can feel the victory of being saved from the struggle and difficulty of; sourcing, evaluating, testing, managing, and systemizing investments while we handle these financial complexities.

Finding the Hottest Investments

We do the heavy lifting to locate what we believe are recession resistant investments with asymmetric returns

Cultiv8'ing Strategic Alliance's

We Cultiv8 synergistic relationships with top performing operators across recession resistant asset classes to bring the highest quality investments to you

Due Diligence & Acquisitions

We vet out what we believe are recession resistant investments with asymmetric returns, managed by world class operators through our prudent Due Diligence and Acquisitions process


We bring to our “Inner Circle” what we believe are recession resistant investments with asymmetric returns, managed by world class operators 

Asset Management

No one will manage our assets as well as we do. Our performance based structure shows we are fully committed to exceeding our projections

Investing Education

We spread the seed of wisdom and knowledge so you can expand your consciousness of Investing and Freedom

Our Team

Bryce Robertson
Achieves Grace By Triumphing Over Adversity

A native of Australia, Bryce dropped out of high school with no knowledge of business or entrepreneurship at the time. After a few years in the underground gold mines and 6 years of world travel, Bryce met the love of his life, and planted his feet firmly in the USA.

From there, Bryce turned a negative net worth, $2,000 and unseasoned credit into financial freedom in 2.5 years. During the process he created order, peace and prosperity in his life and in the lives of those around him.

Through his respect for the power of money, Bryce leads the Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle by investing to create FREEDOM!

With a strong desire to enhance physical and mental toughness, Bryce enjoys challenging himself in outdoor adventure sports and athletic endurance competitions. Bryce loves traveling and adventuring with his wife and their dogs, and expresses his creativity through drumming.

Bryce along with industry leading experts, inspire and empower “Freedom Hackers” to live in true fulfillment, living their soul’s purpose, and expressing their FREEDOM through the videocast and podcast Freedom Hack Radio.

Bryce is host to the life-altering 2-day live and virtual Financial Freedom Mastery, where participants create their own fully-customized Financial Freedom action-plan in order to create Financial Freedom in their lives as soon as possible. 

Nolan Freeland
Makes Dreams Come True

Born and raised in West North Carolina, Nolan manifested early transformation, by purchasing his first mobile home park at 19 years of age, utilizing creative financing and a mere $3,000. Understanding his potential, Nolan powered forward in his following years to complete 100+ real estate transactions using private funds.

When Nolan synchronized and united with Bryce Robertson, he added $6M of mobile home parks and self storage to his Assets Under Management portfolio in just 6 months.

Being highly innovative, inspiring possibility, and transforming situations, Nolan leads the Cultiv8 Collective and Inov8 Collective operations teams paying great attention to key performance indicators, inventing new solutions, all while working together in alignment and harmony.

With a gift for handling financial complexities and a vision to gain a financial advantage for our Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle, Nolan created The Ultimate Mobile Home Park Underwriting Model, a mobile home park and self storage underwriting matrix that pays great attention to the up-and-down side of prudent financial projections.

Nolan thrives on the power of wisdom through chess and strategic games, and the intricacy and complexity of collectable mechanical watches. Nolan is dedicated to transformation through his ritualistic weightlifting workouts, and expressing his energy and unseen powers while target shooting.

Support Team

Cultiv8 Collective is famous for conquering massive goals in compressed timeframes

Our support team is power behind that momentum…

Strategic Alliance's

Nikky is our regional manager for onsite operations at our parks in the Southeast. Not only is she an absolute sales machine who leases up homes often before they are ready, she's also an exceptional problem solver who is very personally engaged in the overall success at each park. Nikky provides training and guidance to our onsite managers and maintenance teams and works very closely with our construction crews and helping coordinate our infill projects.

Megan is the head of construction operations for our value-add and in-fill projects. Megan typically  oversee's 3+ constructions crews that rotate between our MHP's and Self Storage facilities taking massive action to complete quality construction in compressed time frames. this helps us reduce risk of "outside" contractors and their complexities of scheduling and understaffing. Running with this "in-house" construction crew structure further enables us to buy bulk materials and supplies which also reduces risk around price inflation and supply chain issues. 

Ferd Niemann is a mobile home park owner, operator, and lawyer, as well as a real estate investor, financial analyst, entrepreneur, and attorney whose career has focused on a myriad of areas of real estate. His experience includes mobile home park investments and turnarounds, retail development and redevelopment, residential investments, and real estate law

Tim leads a Tax and Wealth Strategic team that accelerate financial progress, and implements innovative strategies for maximizing asset values and building net worth through a combination of leveraged investment and sophisticated tax management

Kevin Caiaccio is recognized among his peers and network as a commercial real estate law industry leader and expert and brings 25 years of experience practicing commercial real estate law. Kevin and his firm specializes in closings and syndications.

Nolan Freeland heads up our onsite operations and value add projects at our affiliate property management company that manages our Mobile Home Park and Self Storage portfolio across the U.S. 

We Cultiv8 synergistic relationships with top performing operators across recession resistant asset classes to bring the highest quality investments to you